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Galleries can be added to a site in 1 of 2 ways, depending on the theme you are using and/or customizations you have added.

If your site has a Gallery Template, all of the published Galleries will display on the same page. Here are the instructions for how to setup that page:

  • Go to CONTENT > Pages > Add a New Page.
  • Set the Template of this page to use the Galleries template.
  • No content is required for this page. This template will display all galleries saved in the CMS and handle the creation of subsequent gallery detail pages.

If your site has a Gallery Monklet, you will be able to insert your Galleries onto different pages. An example of this is inserting a Gallery of Youth Group images onto the Youth Group page. Here are instructions for how to use the Gallery Monklet:

  • Go to CONTENT > Pages > Click on the page on which you want to use the Gallery Monklet
  • Click into the Content Editor and have your cursor be where you want the Gallery to be displayed
  • In the toolbar of the Content Editor, click Insert > Monklets > Gallery Monklet
  • Once you see the Monklet Snippet inserted into the page, you will then need to add an "inline parameter" to call on the specific Gallery
    • For instructions on how to add an "inline parameter" CLICK HERE

Navigate to MEDIA > Galleries > Add A New Gallery

  • Name: The name of the gallery.
  • Description: A brief summary of the gallery.
  • Images: Once you have added images to your gallery, you can click on any of the listed images to edit them. After you click them you will be able to see the controls for the image.
    Click the left and right arrows to move the image around in the gallery.
    Click the frame icon to make it the 'Promo' image. The current promo image can be seen in the upper right corner of the page. If no promo image is selected, a random image will be used. The promo image will represent the gallery on the gallery list pages both in the backend and on the web site.
    Click the trash can to remove the image from the gallery.
    Use the "Link this image to" dropdown to select a page for the image to link to.
  • More Options: Depending on your implementation, you may need to assign your gallery to a certain group.
  • Image Library: Click on any image in the library to add it to your gallery. It will be added to the beginning on the gallery.
    Use the find box to find a specific image.
    Use the page left and right icons to move through all available images.

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