Add a New Article Author


  1. Navigate to Content > Articles > Authors.
  2. Click the Add New Author Button
  3. Enter a first name, last name, any additional info and select a user to link to, then click Done.

Step by Step

To add a new author to your articles module, navigate over to  Content > Articles > Authors and then click on the Add New Author button located near the top of the page on the right hand side.

  1. Fill in the authors first and last name (Both of these fields are required).
  2. Feel free to add any additional information about the author that you would like to in the additional info text area.
  3. If the author is a registered user of your site you can optionally link them in the dropdown next to link to user.
  4. Click the Done button when you are finished adding the author details.


  • On your website you can choose to display the linked users email address, alternate email address, or no email address altogether.


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