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Add a new font

If you are interested in changing the fonts in your website, there are a couple of options. Google Fonts provides free open source fonts. You can search for font families, select your preferred styles, then copy the code from Google Fonts. Send the code to customer support and we can add it to your website. This service is provided for free.

If you have purchased a font package from another site, you can send us the URL and your login so that we can download the font along with the font license. This service requires an expense for implementation.

How To Get The Google Font Code To Be Added To Your Site

  1. Go to Google Fonts
  2. In the upper left search box, search for the font name.
  3. Click Add To Collection
  4. In the bottom right select Review.
  5. Select the Styles tab.
  6. Select the Use this Style check boxes of your choice.
  7. In the bottom right select Use.
  8. Copy the code that is produced in Add This Code To Your Site.
  9. Submit the code in the message here.


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