Add a new Page


  1. Navigate to Content > Pages.
  2. Click Add A New Page.
  3. Enter a title, description, content, keywords.
  4. Select if you want to show the page in the navigation or not.
  5. Click Save.

Step by Step

To add a new page to your website, navigate to Content > Pages. At the top right, click the button to Add A New Page.


The title will be the name of the page and it will appear on the website as the page’s heading.


The description will not appear on the actual page within the website, but rather is for the users reference. It describes what the page is about or the content that it includes. When using a search engine, it would appear as the description below the search results found for that particular page. Here is an example of a description in Google.


The content is where you can enter your desired content that will display in the page’s body. Content can include text that can be styled and formatted, images, hyperlinks, buttons, videos, forms, tables, and more. To see more about entering content, click here.


Keywords are used for search engine optimization. Add keywords that people may use with a search engine so that their search results return with the page’s specific keywords. Separate keywords by commas and include no more than 10 words or phrases.

Show In Navigation

This adds the new page to the navigation menu of your website. To see more about Navigation, click here. To create an independent page that will not be seen in the navigation, leave the box for Show in Navigation unchecked. Independent pages can instead be found by visiting the URL directly.


Use Location to set the page's position in the navigation tree. Use "Top Level Page" to use the page as a main nav item, or select another page from the list—your page will be nested under the navigation item you select here.

Editing Location with "Show In Navigation" unchecked modifies the URL structure of your page without using a navigation item.

Header Image

Depending on your particular theme, you may be able to add a header image to the top of the page. Check your theme setup guide to confirm if your theme has this capability, and to find the recommended header image size.

Preview Page

The Preview Page button to the right, shows a preview of your content as it would show up on your live site.

Click Save

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