Add Members in Bulk

This feature is handy when you have multiple people that you would like to add as members to the site all at once.

Emails: You'll be entering a list of email addresses, one email address per line. If the email address already exists, the existing account will be added to your site instead of being created from scratch.

You can provide first and last names for the accounts by separating these with commas. For example:

, First Name, Last Name

Registration: If this box is checked, the recipients will be sent an email welcoming them to Ekklesia 360 and a link that will verify their email address and allow them to create a username and password. If a member already exists, they will not receive a welcome message.

Groups: Members will be added to any selected groups. Existing members will also be added to selected groups.

Step by Step

  1. Navigate to People > Members.
  2. Click the Bulk tab.
  3. Enter email addresses, each address should be separated by one email address per line. 
  4. If you want the members to login, check the box to 'Allow login toyoursitename, and send registration email.' 
  5. Select any group you would like to add them to.
  6. Click Bulk Add.

By adding the email address to the Bulk tab in People > Members, the Member account is added to the current site with no member permissions. Permissions can be added by editing the member now that they have been added to your site.

Note: It is not recommended to add more 500 users at one time.

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