Adding a Blog

Quick Start

  1. Navigate to Content > Blogs > Blogs.
  2. Click the Add A New Blog button.
  3. Enter a Blog Title, Description, Comment Notification Address, under Display Monklet keep it as Default, Header Image, Groups, keep the Template as the Blog template, choose Sections if available in your Template
  4. Click the Create or Cancel button.

Step by Step

You will begin at the Blogs Module found under Content > BlogsBlogs

Now follow these steps and you will successfully create a New Blog.

  1. Click the Add A New Blog button to begin. This takes you to the screen to Add a New Blog

Fill in the desired content:

    • Blog Title
    • Description: The Description will be displayed at the beginning of the Blog page.
    • Comment Notification Email Address: Allows you to notify one or multiple users when a new comment has been posted.
    • Display Monklet: This is usually set as Default, the Monklet controls how the Blog is displayed on the page.
    • Header Image: Depending on the design of your site, you may be able to choose an image to display in your Header area.
    • Groups: You may choose to add your Article to a Group. You may add additional Public or Private Group under: PEOPLE > Groups.
    • Template: The default is the Blog Template, but you may choose to display your Blog using another Blog Template if one has been purchased.
    • Sections: Based on your Blog Template, you may be able to choose Sections to display in the Sidebar.
  1. Click the Create button to add your Blog to Ekklesia 360, or click the Cancel button to cancel the Blog creation.

You can now Navigate to Blog Posts to start writing Posts.

Add Blog to Navigation

You can add your Blog to your sites Navigation by going to the Navigation Module: Content > Pages > Navigation and following the below directions.

  1. Click the New Item button
  2. Once the New Navigation Item window opens enter the Label. This is the link name you will see within your Navigation
  3. Enter the Content. Click on the View All link and select the desired Blog
  4. Click the Add button
  5. Click the Save and Publish button

Your Blog is now accessible through your site’s Navigation.

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