Adding a Favicon to your site

To create a Favicon, start with a high-resolution copy of your logo, and keep these tips in mind:

  1. These icons are very small, so avoid using much text in the graphic.
  2. These icons are always square, so make sure your logo is cropped to a square.
  3. Avoid adding "effects" to the image such as rounded corners, gloss or emboss effects, as some mobile device operating systems may already add these kinds of effects.
  4. If your background is white, consider removing the background and using transparency with your image (using the PNG format).

Once you have the image you would like to use as your sites favicon you can upload it to the "Site Favicon" field in your Admin > Site settings page. A preview of your site current favicon, if any, is shown the right of this field which will be switched out with your upload.

The "Site Favicon" upload field will only accept PNG, JPG, and ICO image types. If a PNG or JPG is uploaded it will be converted to an ICO for use on your site. You may need to clear your browsers cache before seeing the favicon reflected on your sites front end.


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