Adding Media

Adding a media item

Ekklesia 360 supports all kinds of media including mp3, image files (jpg/ png), pdf, and a multitude of video formats. Here's how to add a new media item to the CMS:

  1. Go to Media > Media.
  2. Click Add New Media.
  3. If your file is on your computer: click Browse for a File to select the file.
    If your file is hosted externally: use the External Link field.
    If your item is a media embed code: use the Embed code field.
  4. Click Save. The file will be added to the upload queue and will be available for use in moments.

If you're experiencing any problems uploading items, you may try the Basic Uploader link.

Adding media in bulk

  1. Go to Media > Bulk.
  2. Drag and drop your files from your computer into the window (directly into your web browser). The files will be added to the holding queue.
  3. Rename the files in the list if you prefer.
  4. Click Upload Now to begin transferring all items in the list.


  • File upload limit is 5.0 GB per file.
  • A file will time out if uploading for more than two hours.
  • In Internet Explorer, multiple file selections are only possible in IE 10+.  

Notes on media files

  • It is recommended to give your media items helpful names, especially if you will be uploading various versions of the same item.
  • Media names must be unique (not including the file extension); i.e.: the files "file.pdf" and "file.mp3" cannot exist together.
  • Underscores "_" in the item's Name will be stripped in the resulting filename.
  • If you will be overwriting an existing media item, the URL of the file will change. This is to help avoid browser caching and make sure your site visitors are receiving the most current version of the media. After overwriting an item, your page content will be updated with the new location of the file.

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