Adding members: "Email address already in use"

If you encounter this error message, the email address belongs to a user on another site and is associated with a current member in Ekklesia 360.

To add the Member to your site, use the Bulk Members tab.

Add Member(s) via Bulk
  1. Navigate to People > Members.
  2. Click the Bulk tab.
  3. Enter an email address or a list of email addresses.
  4. If you want the member to log in, check the box to 'Allow login toyoursitename, and send registration email.' 
  5. Select any group you would like to add them to.
  6. Click Bulk Add.

By adding the email address to the Bulk tab in People > Members, the Member account is added to the current site with no member permissions. Permissions can be added by editing the member now that they have been added to your site.

NOTE: A user can only be added by an Admin of the specific Site. An Admin/user can not add themself to another site.

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