Adding Members

Site "Members" are accounts for people whose information is stored either for database purposes or to potentially be given access into the system to make changes to websites. Follow these steps to add new users.

First of all, to make changes to Members, your account needs to have Site Administrator access. If you do not have this level of access, contact another member of your team who can provide you this access to you via the People module.

Adding a single user

  1. Navigate to People > Members.
  2. Click Add New Member.
  3. Provide the user's first and last name.
  4. Add the user's email address.
    Note: If the user's email address is already in the system, use Bulk Add.
  5. Click Save. The member has been created.

Setting permissions

By default, all new members have no backend access. On the Permissions ("Set login details") screen, you can set the member's login privileges. Here's a quick explanation of the options:

  1. Allow login to [] (Front end Login)
    If checked, the user will be able to log into the frontend website and manage their Member profile. (Only available if this feature has been implemented into your site)
  2. Allow login to [] (Backend Login)
    If checked, the user will be able to log into the backend and potentially make changes to the website.
  3. This user is a site administrator
    If checked, the user will have access to all modules in the backend CMS. Any permissions Rules will not apply to the user, and the account will be able to create and edit other Member accounts. If the user will not be a Site Administrator, you must add specific permissions Rules for them below to determine their access privileges. 

Notifying the new member

To notify the person that their account has been created, Save your changes in the "Set login details" area, and a "Send Login Information" link will appear. If this is a new account, the link will send an email to the user asking them to verify their email address. After verifying their address, the user will then set their password upon logging in.

Reestablish an existing member

If you are wanting to reestablish an existing member account and the "Send Login Information" link is not available, the email address has perhaps already been verified. In this case, existing users will need to click "Forgot username/password?" on the CMS login screen to reset their account and choose a new password.

Adding members in bulk

See this resource on how to add members in bulk.

Deleting a member

To delete a Member, click the checkbox next to their name, then click Edit Selected Members, and click Delete. If the user you're attempting to delete is currently a Site Administrator, they'll first need to be demoted from this status before their account can be deleted.


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