Adding Product Families

How are families and products related?

Products are found on sites as  As such, each product needs to be assigned to at least one family.

For example, if you have a family named 'Manuals' and a product in that family named 'Desk Assembly Instructions', the product can be found at

Step 1: Add a Family

  • Family Code: Must be a unique name between other families and products. You will be notified if not unique.
  • Name: The name of the family. Must be unique among other families. This will be display on the family list and detail pages on your site.
  • Image: an image to represent the family. May or may not be used depending on your implementation.
  • Category: Choose and existing category or click the plus icon to create a new one. May or may not be used depending on your implementation.
  • Price: If your implementation allows for selling of entire families, you can set the price here.
  • Description: A detailed description of the family.
  • Display Monklet: Usually set as Default, the Monklet controls how the family is displayed on the page.
  • Template: Usually set as Default, but you may choose to display your Family using another template.
  • Family Products: A list of products assigned to the family will be listed at the bottom of the screen. Click the pencil icon to edit each product. Use the context menu on the product list page to add products to families.

Step 2: Publish the Family

  • Keep as Draft: Saves the Family but does not make it available to the public.
  • Publish: Saves the Family and makes it available to the public.
  • Publish as Featured: Depending on your implementation, this may make the Family appear on your home page or other designated area, depending in your template design.
  • More Options: You may choose to add your Family to a Group. You may add additional Public or Private Group under: People > Groups.

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