Adding SKUs

Note: for most sites skus and products are linked together, skus are edited on the product edit page. In some cases, multiple SKUs can be assigned to each product and thus they are edited separately.

  • SKU #: This is a unique identifier. It must be unique among family and product codes as well. A notification is given if not unique.
  • Name: Name of the SKU, must be unique among other skus.
  • Image: an image to represent the SKU. May or may not be used depending on your implementation.
  • Price: The price that customers will be charged:
  • Sale Price: Set a temporary lower price that will override the price.
  • Need Ship Address?: If checked we will ask customers for shipping address as well as billing address.
  • Shipping Group: See the main shipping article.
  • Type: Depending on the type selected, more fields may become available.

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