Adding Taxes

Ekklesia 360 uses Tax Rules created for a range of zip codes in order to apply sales tax to products. Under a given tax rule, your sales tax will apply if the purchasing zip code falls within the range you set. You can set up multiple tax rules as needed.

Enabling taxes

To enable Sales Tax options in Ekklesia 360, go to Admin > Ecommerce and check Charge Sales Tax.

Adding a new tax rule

  1. Navigate to Ecommerce > Products > Taxes and click Add a New Tax.
  2. Specify the Zip Code range that qualifies for sales tax.
  3. Add in the Tax Rate. Use the percentage the tax will be (for example, use "8.4" not "0.084".
  4. Click Create

To make any given product subject to sales tax, check the option Collect Sales Tax while editing the product in the Products module.

Keeping current

As a seller, you are responsible for staying current with tax rates for your products.

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