Adding Templates

Add A New Template

1. Click Add a New Template.

2. Name: Give the template a name. This will be the user-friendly title used in the CMS to identify it as a template option.

3. File Name: Enter the filename as it is named on the server (ie: template_page.php). It is expected that this file exists in the Document Root of your FTP account. Entering this filename will queue the template to be loaded into the system.

4. Description: Enter a brief description of the template (optional).

5. Enabled?: Choose the modules which will be able to use this template. For example, a template created for the Pages module should most likely only be enabled for Pages.

6. Use as default template?: This sets which modules will use this template by default. For example, your basic interior subpage template could be set as default. Only one template can be default per module.

7. Use as search template?: This defines the template as the one used for site search results. Only one template can be the search template. A standard interior subpage template is best.

8. Sections: Once the template file has been loaded, any template Sections found in the file will display here. Here you can define which of your existing Sections will be used by default when the Template is chosen in the CMS.


Add New Templates in Bulk

The Bulk Template Manager will scan your local server's Document Root for template files that have not already been added. Simply check the files which you wish to import and click the Import Selected button. Click Import Selected to import the selected templates. Once imported, the templates will show in the list of templates under Content > Templates.


Reserved File Names

The following template names cannot be used as they are reserved by the system.

  • monkcms.php
  • monkinstall.php
  • comeback.php
  • xajax.content.common.inc.php
  • xajax.content.server.inc.php
  • ekk_articlepage.php
  • ekk_eventpage.php
  • ekk_events.php
  • ekk_sermonpage.php
  • mcms_directory.php
  • mcms_disc_boards.php
  • mcms_disc_categories.php
  • mcms_disc_comments.php
  • mcms_disc_discussions.php
  • mcms_disc_edit_comment.php
  • mcms_me.php


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