Manage Approvals

  • In Progress: Manage approvals that are in progress
  • Processes: Manage approval process workflows

In Progress

This tab allows you to monitor and manage "in progress" approval instances. This means that a change has been made to the listed content, and it is currently waiting to complete the approval process before it will appear on the live site. Clicking an item in the list will bring up the approval screen. This screen consists of a few different parts:

  • The name of the editor, and a summary of the change.
  • A "See content changes" link that will slide out a visual representation of the content change.
  • A "Preview" button that will show you a preview of the new content on your site.
  • A "View" button that will show you what the live content looks like current (before the changes).
  • A comment thread (and text box for leaving a new comment). All approvers of the current step as well as the editor will receive a notification of new comments.
  • An "Approve this change" button. Only approvers will see this button.
  • A summary of the progress of the approval process.
  • An "End this process" button. Only site admins and the original editor of the content will see this button. It allows them to end the approval process and revert changes to the content.


This tab shows a list of all Approval Process workflows that have been set up. You can add a new process or click an item in the list to edit it.

Add A New Process

  • Name: Give your process a name. This name will show up as an available "Permission" for content editors.
  • # of Days: Sets the number of days a process has to complete. If the needed approvals are not achieved within this time, the process will end and the content change will not be made.
  • Save: Saves the process and allows you to add steps

Adding Steps

After saving the process, you can now add steps. You can add as many steps as you like, and they will be run sequentially. You can drag and drop to reorder steps.

  • Approval Required: Set how the step will be approved.
    • Unanimous: All approvers must approve the change.
    • Majority: Most of the users must approve the change.
    • # of Approvals: You can specify how many approvals are needed (for example, you may have 10 approvers, but you only need one approval).
  • Adding users: You can add multiple users to each step. If the user is marked "Notify only" then when the step begins, they will only receive a notification that the change happened, but they won't need to (or be able to) approve the change. You can add and remove users from this list later, or change their notification status.

Applying processes to editors

Edit a user's permissions in order to make them subject to an approval process. Go to People > Members, and click the user in question. Click the "Permissions" tab in the sidebar. In the "Rules" section, click "Add a new rule". Choose a module, group, and under "Permission" select the relevant approval process. Note: approval processes are only available for the following modules:

  • Articles
  • Sermons
  • Pages
  • Blog posts
  • Events

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