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Browser compatibility

Backend browser support

The CMS backend is compatible with the following browsers:

  • Chrome (current version)
  • Safari 6+
  • Firefox (current version)
  • Internet Explorer 9+

Other modern browsers (including mobile browsers) are likely to work but are not expressly supported.

Front-end browser support

Front-end support (your website's templates) will support the following browsers as part of the default site build:

  • Firefox (Most Current and Previous Version)
  • Internet Explorer (Most Current and Previous Version)
  • Safari (Most Current and Previous Version)
  • Chrome (Most Current and Previous Version)

Browsers such as Mobile Safari, Internet Explorer 6, Opera, or Google Chrome are supported by request and count against implementation hours during your project. Advanced functionality may not be supported on these browsers. Significant rewriting of code to support these browsers may incur additional costs.

Emulated browsers, such as those available with Internet Explorer's "Compatibility Mode" are not expressly supported.

Differences between browsers

Reasonable efforts are made to provide support for all major browsers on an ongoing basis. Note however that some nuances between browsers inherently exist due to fundamental differences in the browser software and cannot always be reconciled by a web developer. Some of these differences include:

  • Appearance of effects such as rounded corners, drop shadows, and hover states
  • Appearance of HTML elements such as form fields, text boxes, and tables
  • The way in which media (mp3's, movies, PDF's) are opened or played

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