Choosing a "From" email address

Ekklesia 360 automatically sends emails to your site's visitors in several contexts:

  • Login confirmation
  • Form submission
  • Event RSVP
  • Newsletters

By default, the "From" email address—the address that tells your visitors who the email was sent by—will be a default system email address.

You can replace this email address with your own (a person's email address or an email address for an office in your church). If you decide to use your own email address, check to make sure that your email provider allows other systems to send email on your behalf.

This feature is editable by Site Administrators in the Admin tab of Ekklesia 360. 

If the "from" email field contains a custom email address already, you can delete it from the field in order to use the default system address.

If you *don't* choose a custom email address, the default is "

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