Creating a new site

Note: Hosting and media folder must already exist

Add new site to backend

  1. Go to Admin > Church Account
  2. Click “Add Site” link
  3. Enter new site information
    1. Site Name: Name of organization
    2. Home page: URL of staging site (including http://)
    3. Redirect: Leave unchecked
    4. Syndicate: Select “No”
    5. E-mail address: Enter organization’s email address
    6. Site Logo: Leave blank
    7. Click “Create Site”
  4. Enter FTP information
    1. Click “FTP link” on “Edit Site” screen
    2. Enter details
    3. Click “Save FTP Settings”
  5. On site list screen, click “Load Config” for site

Create site admin account

  1. Go to Admin > Admins
  2. Click “Add Admin” link
  3. Add admin details:
    1. First Name: user’s first name
    2. Last Name: user’s last name
    3. E-mail address: user’s email address
    4. Phone Number: optional
    5. Sites: Important! Be sure to select a site for this user
    6. Allow Login: check this box
    7. Click Save
  4. Click “Edit Permissions” link
  5. At bottom of Permissions page, check “Site Admin” box and click “Change Permissions”
  6. On “Edit Detail” screen, click “Send Registration E-mail” button
  7. Click “Send E-mail”

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