e360 ChMS - Individuals


Adding Members

Add Members Without RFID Cards

  1. Go to the Individuals page; click "Add".
  2. Fill in all of the information you have on the person: address, phone, etc.
  3. Check the boxes next to the groups into which the member should be placed.
  4. Click "Save".

Add Members With RFID Cards

  1. Make sure you have installed the reader software.
  2. On the right sidebar menu, click the "RFID Attendance Reader" button. This will download the client application that connects to the RFID reader.
  3. Connect the RFID Reader to your computer. The client application should now say "Reader Connected".
  4. Go to the "Members" section in the e360 ChMS web application. Click "Add Member".
  5. Add the member's first and last name.
  6. Place the RFID card you want to assign to this member on the reader.
  7. The client application will display the card's tag in the "Tag Id..." box. Highlight the tag, and copy it to your clipboard (right click and "Copy" or CTRL + c on Windows; Command + C on Mac).
  8. In the "RFID Tag" text box on the Web application, paste the tag from your clipboard (right click and "Paste" or CTRL + v on Windows; Command + v on Mac).
  9. Check the boxes next to the groups into which you wish to place this member.
  10. Change the "Join Date" if needed. This is the date that this member's attendance will start in the system.
  11. Double check the information you have entered, and click "Save".

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