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Mass Contact

Mass Contact is located in Utilities. This allows you to send email, text messages (SMS), or Voice messages to everyone in one of multiple groups. Email will be personalized and addressed to each individual - not just a big list.

SMS and Voice mass contact utilize your Twilio account, to use these you must first have a Twilio account and integrate them within Settings.

  1. Go to Utilities > Mass Contact
  2. Choose the group(s) you wish to contact.
  3. Choose to include active and/or inactive people.
  4. Choose the communication method: either Email, SMS, or Voice. (Note: SMS/Voice only exists after having enabled integration with Twilio on the Setting page.

Voice Messages

  1. For voice messages, choose the voice recording from the list. You can preview/listen to it by using the "Preview" link.
  2. You can record a new message by using the voice record. Click the, "Launch Voice Recorder" link. Use the record button to record the message, the stop button to stp recording, and the play button to preview it. Click record again to record a new message. When you satisfied with your recording, click "Upload". The list of voice messages will update to reflect your newly recorded message.
  3. You will be shown all of the emails or phone numbers (depending on the selected method) for the selected method, and how many people do not have valid contact details. You can also add emails in the format of: "Firstname Lastname < >" and phone numbers in the format of: "Firstname Lastname <123-456-7890>".


  1. Enter a subject.
  2. Choose the "From Phone Number". This list contains the numbers authorized on the Settings > Services in the Twilio section.
  3. Enter the body of the message. For emails, you will have an editor that will let you format your message (add bold, headings, lists, etc.). For SMS messages there is a counter above the top right of the body box that shows how many character are remaining. The body of email/SMS messages can be personalized with the first name of the recipient by using the place holder @NAME to represent their first name. For instance: "Hello @NAME, I was sorry to miss you this last Wednesday; I hope to see you next week."

For emails, you can also optionally upload files to be attached to the email.

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