e360 Theme Setup Guides

Below you'll find the default setup guide for all site themes. If you have had any custom work done to your site by a developer, your site's setup guide may have also been modified for your site. The setup guide for your site is often located by going to your website and then adding /_setupguide or /_guide to your domain name (I.E. "http://www.site.com/_setupguide" )

Please select your design below to view the default setup guide for that specific design.

mk018 - Aquinas
mk019 - Lewis
mk020 - Polycarp
mk021 - Wilberforce
mk022 - Wycliff
mk023 - Graham
mk024 - Nouwen
mk025 - L'Engle
mk026 - Hoornbeek
mk027 - Faber
mk028 - Ten Boom
mk029 - Strong
mk030 - Augustine
mk031 - Spurgeon
mk032 - Elliot
mk033 - Truth
mk034 - Whitby
mk035 - Parks
mk036 - More

Don't see your sites setup guide or can't find your custom setup guide? Contact our support team for assistance.

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