Event Coordinators

Event Coordinators are people that are associated with a given Event. Their names and contact information can be made available on the web via Event detail pages, and they can receive RSVP notifications for a given Event when users RSVP.

Setting up an Event Coordinator

To set up an Event Coordinator for an event, follow these steps:

  1. Go to People > Members and verify that your coordinator has a Member account set up with a valid email address.
  2. In Events > Coordinators, create a new Event Coordinator (or edit an existing one).
  3. While editing the coordinator record, be sure to link the appropriate Member account. Without an account linked, they cannot receive email notifications.
  4. When creating a new Event, select the user's name in the Coordinator dropdown. Currently, only one user can be designated as the Event Coordinator.
  5. Check Allow Registration near the bottom of the page, and check Email Coordinator Registration Notifications. This will send an email to the coordinator when a user successfully registers. 


  • If no Event Coordinator is associated with an event, or the Coordinator is not linked to a Member account, confirmation emails will be sent to the site's default email address set in Admin > Site.
  • If registrants were to reply to the RSVP confirmation email, this reply will be sent to the Event Coordinator.
  • While RSVPs would be sent to the primary email address for the linked member, you can display the "Alternate Email Address" for the user on the event detail page.

Coordinators and permissions

You may wish to create accounts for event coordinators without providing permission to edit CMS content. To do that, you can change permissions for these site members.

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