Events Module

Manage Events

  • Category: Manage and sort events by Category and Sub-Category

List View

  • RSVP: in enabled, shows the number of people registered for this event.

Add a New Event

  • Name: This will be the name of the event. Multiple events with the same name are allowed, but not with the same start date.
  • Add Summary: If you would like to add a brief summary, click the 'add summary' link.
  • Description: A longer description of the event. NOTE: See WYSIWYG Editor for detailed instruction on using the WYSIWYG.
  • Start Date/Time: When the event will begin. For recurring events use the date of the first or next occurrence. If 'all day' is checked, start time will be disabled.
  • End Date/Time: Then end of the event. If 'all day' is checked, end time will be disabled. For recurring events, the end date is disabled.
  • Repeats: specify if the event repeats daily, weekly, once a month, or twice a month. If 'Repeats indefinitely' is checked, the end date is disabled. You can also now specify the event to occur every [x] days | weeks | months.
  • Weekly: If the event recurs weekly, you can specify which days of the week the event occurs on.
  • Every Other Week?: If the event recurs weekly, you can set it to only recur every other week.
  • Week and Day: if the event recurs monthly or bi-monthly, you will need to specify which weeks and days it occurs on.
  • Website: A link to an external site for more information about this event.
  • Location: Choose an existing location or add a new one. If a new location is added, you can edit the address and name from the location manager.
  • Coordinator: Choose the event coordinator or add a new one. New coordinators can be edited with the members module.
  • Categories: Choose a category of create a new one. New categories can be edited from the Category manager.
  • Cost: specify the price of the event. If there are multiple price points click the link that says 'Multiple Prices'.
  • Multiple Prices: Set a label for each price point (i.e. Kids under 10). "Limit" sets the number of people that can register for the event at that price point.
  • Att. Limit: Attendance limit will cap the number of people that can register for this event.
  • Allow Registration: Check this if you would like to allow users to be able to register for this event online. 'Allow Guests' will let user register multiple people at once. 'Allow Notes' will give the users the opportunity to leave a brief message when registering. 'Email Coordinator Registration Notifications' will send an email to the event coordinator each time someone successfully registers. If the event coordinator is not specified the site's default email address will be used.
  • Image: Specify an image to associate with this event.


Allows you to easily add and delete events as well as make exceptions to recurring events.

Clicking the pencil icon on recurring events provides the following options:

  • Edit the master event: edits the original event that started the recurrence.
  • Edit just this occurence: edits this specific occurence of your recurring event.
  • Delete just this occurrence: allows you to delete this specific occurence of your recurring event.
  • Delete entire event: deletes all occurences of this event


List View

  • Filters: you can filter this view by the year or the month.
  • Securely export this report: produces a CSV report of the current view. If you copy this text to a blank text document and then save it with the extension .CSV you can import it into excel or other spreadsheet programs.

Review Registration

Clicking the edit link will let you see the users name, email address, physical address and phone. You can also review or edit the number of guests for that user or add/edit a note for that user.


More Options: Selecting this option will allow you to publish the event to specific groups. This also gives you the option on whether or not you want to show the event in your calendar listing.

Keep as Draft: Event will not be published and kept as a draft.

Publish as Featured: if featured is supported on your website, this will make the event featured.

Publish: publishes the current event. Event will now show up in your event listing on your website.

Edit an Event

Clicking the name of any event on the event list screen will allow you to edit your event. 

Copy an Event

You can create a copy of your event from the edit screen by clicking the "Copy Event" button in the sidebar. You can also copy from a previous revision by clicking on the date of the revision in the sidebar, and then clicking the "Copy Revision" button.

Delete an Event

An event or multiple events can be deleted from the overall list of Events.

  1. Navigate to Events > Events.
  2. In the far left column, there are check boxes.
  3. Check the box for the event you would like to delete.
  4. In the upper right, click Edit Selected Events.
  5. Click Delete Selected.
  6. Click Confirm.

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