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Getting Started

**ALL Live Events now must be scheduled on the new platform**

  • Events need to be scheduled at least 15 minutes in advance so the system can process the event

  • Your channel will not be available until the event time has been met, so please do not start the stream before the set time

  • When you are done with scheduling the event, please make sure that the post is set to public and not draft

  • From your dashboard click on streaming

  • Click on streaming > Events
  • Add New Streaming (same as adding a new event)

  • Give Title, Details, & Date/Time
  • If you would like the event to repeat
  • Scroll Down To add passages/verses Click Save/Next

  • Stream Type > Live Stream
  • Scroll Down > Save/Next

  • Check to save the sermon to archive if you would like to keep a copy
  • Status to Publish so this will be public
  • Save & Done

Broadcasting To Other Platforms

  • You can easily stream to Facebook, Custom RTMP, or YouTube
  • Click on Streaming > Settings > Add your destination
  • Adding a destination will push out when you are live or simulated live

Setting up your broadcast gear

  • Click on Streaming > Settings > Equipment Settings
  • Most software or hardware encoders will use the same settings as OBS (Open Broadcast Software)

Embedding your player

  • Click on Streaming > Settings > Embed Settings
    For Live select the embed type as live or for archived select the archives from the dropdown
    There will be 2 players 1 for Live and 1 for archive
    Church Online Platform will use the live embed player

The HTML code would go to the HTML, <> Source, or iframe part of your website.
Normally this can be found in the text section.

If you have any other questions please let us know, we are here and happy to help.

By submitting a ticket within your account or emailing

We do offer FREE remote assistance, if you could use some help let us know and we can set up a time.
Link to our support calendar

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