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The Live Stream Layout is a great addition to any site that offers a live, streaming service. The Live Stream layout allows you to embed your current live streaming iframe or embed code directly into the template. It comes with a Twitter feed that pulls tweets from your Twitter handle as well as two built-in Monklets for the bottom. These bottom sections are fully editable as well.

To purchase the Live Stream Layout, get in contact with Support

Once you have the Live Stream Layout installed by our Implementation Team, take a look at the following resource to assist in managing your Live Stream Layout.



The Live Service layout displays a number of custom items which are editable via the CMS. These are detailed below.

  1. The Countdown Timer displays the time to the next upcoming event assigned to the "Live Stream" event category. Your event category may also be called "Live Event" or "Live Service."
  2. This section displays a 16:9 Rotator assigned on the Livetream Page within the CMS. When your event is live, this section displays the content of the Livestream Page.
  3. This section will display between 2 and 4 links that can be added to the link list "Live Stream Links"
  4. This template supports up to 3 custom Sections assignable to the Livestream Page via the fields "Footer Section 1, Footer Section 2, and Footer Section 3" within the CMS

    Three Sections are created in the CMS by default:
    1. Livestream Event Highlight
      This will display an event that is "published as featured" and assigned to the "online" group.
    2. Livestream Latest Sermon
      This will display the latest sermon that is assigned to the "online" group
    3. Livestream Text Section
      This is a section of text
  5. The Twitter display is assigned on the Live Stream Template Page within the CMS. In the "Description" field, enter in the Twitter handle that you would like to display the feed for. Enter this without the @ symbol. ie.  Ifyour Twitter handle is @mychurchtwitter, you would enter mychurchtwitter in the Live Stream Page Description field.  

If you are interested in adding a live chat feature with this layout you we recommend using any of the following:

  • ChatRoll
  • Vimeo
  • Minnit.chat
  • DeadSimpleChat
  • Tlk.io
  • RumbleTalk

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