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Live Stream Settings

Need to add a new stream? Check out the help article here.

  1. Navigate to Events > Live Streams.
  2. Click the "Settings" tab.
  3. Make any necessary changes and click save!

1. Basic Settings

  • URL: change the location of the Live Stream layout on your site. (Click on the pencil icon and update this to something like live, live-stream, online-campus, etc...)
  • Navigation Link List: The navigation on the streaming layout is powered by a link list. You can set which list here. We recommend only including two or three links on your streaming page. We especially recommend a Giving link. Need an online giving provider? Check out e360 Giving.

2. Design Settings

Make the layout look like your site.

  • Link/Header/Alternate Color: These colors are used on the layout to make it unique to your church.
  • Logo: Choose an image or upload a new one to be displayed on the layout. This image should have a max height of 64px. If it doesn't, we will resize it on the fly.
  • Social Media Share Image: Choose an image that will appear when you share the live stream page on social media.
  • Default Open Tab: Choose a tab that will be open by default when the page first loads.

3. Default Content

Most live streams you create will have the same main content. Set your defaults here and they will be pre-filled when you create a new stream.

  • Live Stream/Chat Embeds: Place your iframe or javascript based embeds from your live stream and chat providers here. Need a live streaming provider? Check out Church Streaming.
  • Offline Rotator/Video: Choose a rotator or video to play when someone visits the live stream page before you are live. If you fill in both fields, we will always display the rotator. If you don't fill out these fields, we will display the "Social Media" image.

4. Prayer

Interact with your visitors through prayer.

  • Enable Prayer: If enabled, a prayer tab will appear on your layout allowing visitors to submit and view prayers. Once prayers are submitted they will appear in our prayer module and will not appear on the site until they are approved by an admin.
  • Allow Acknowledgements: If allowed, a button will appear next to each prayer allowing visitors to "Pray For" the prayer. We also display the number of times a prayer has been acknowledged.
  • Prayer Introduction Text: Feel free to include some text here that will be displayed before we show the prayers on the layout.

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