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Live Streaming

Here is a simplified overview of how to add and manage Live Streams on your site. Need to manage Stream Settings? Check out the help article here.

  1. Navigate to Events > Live Streams.
  2. Click "Add a New Live Stream".
  3. Follow the three-step process to add stream details, content, interactive notes.

1. Enter Stream Details

Fill out the following stream detail information.

  • Title: the title of the stream appearing on the live site. (Required).
  • Preacher: Select from a drop-down list or add a preacher by clicking on "Create a new preacher" option.
  • Start and End Date/Time: The dates will default to the upcoming Sunday.
  • Passages: To associate any scriptures with the stream.

2. Enter Stream Content

Add the following stream content. The embed and offline fields will initially be populated by the default content you set up in the Live Stream Settings tab.

  • Live Stream/Chat embeds: If you have a per stream embed, you can override your default here. Need a live streaming provider? Check out Church Streaming
  • Offline Content Rotator/Video: If you have a special rotator or video you wish to display, you can override your default here.
  • Description: Provide any helpful descriptions about your stream here.

3. Add Interactive, Fill in the Blank, Notes *

  • Using the note editor you can copy/paste or write out your streams fill in the blank notes.
  • When you have a word or phrase that you want the visitor to fill in, you will click the Insert/Edit Answer button and type the answer into the modal that appears.
  • If you want to allow the visitor to add some of their own notes, you can click the Insert Free Form Note. You can edit the placeholder text by selecting it in the notes editor and typing a new phrase.
  • When your notes are finished, click the Save button.

Publish Stream

Set the publish status of the stream:

  • Draft: Allows the user to continue working on the stream when it's not yet ready to go live.
  • Publish: Publishing pushes the stream out to the live site.

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