Managing members who can log in to your site

To view which members can login to your website (does not include those members who can login to the CMS):

Login to Ekklesia 360 CMS.

In the blue top navigation bar click >PEOPLE

Click on >filters and under >Access filter click by >client sites only

This displays a list of members who have access to login to your website but do not have access to login to the CMS.

To add or remove a members ability to login to your site:

Click on the >member's name and then click on the >key icon next to that member's name

Un-click or click the appropriate radio buttons allowing access to the member.

Click save.

*If you would like to remove login permissions from those members who have 'client site only' logins you can contact our support team.

How to email all of your members with login permissions:

Create a Group (in People > Groups) specific to your needs (eg: Administrators with Logins)

Select the Members you wish to email (in People > Members)  You can use the filtering options as mentioned above to filter to only those members who have login.  If you wanted all members including those with CMS logins, you would select the filter option (backend and client sites)

Click >Edit Selected Members

Assign these members to the group you created earlier

Click >Submit and then >Confirm

Now, create your email (in Connect > Newsletters > + Add a Newsletter)

Send the email by "Publishing" the newsletter (tab on the right)

Specify to whom it goes by selecting Specific Groups > Name of the Group you created earlier.  This should be the only group displayed

Specify send now or send later

The email will be sent to all members of this group

Exporting a list of members:

Click the export tab at the top left of the member module.

Check your downloads for your CSV file of the list of members and all of their information. 

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