Members, Permissions & Groups

With Groups and Member permissions, you can provide your team members with customized levels of access to your content.

Some quick definitions:

  • Backend: this is the content management system (CMS). Depending the product, this may mean or other systems.
  • Frontend: this is the live website for which the CMS manages content.

See this detailed walkthrough of the permissions screen when configuring a user for the CMS.


Groups (under the "People" tab) provides a way to organize Site Administrators, newsletter recipients, and other People whose accounts you store in the CMS.

A Group's privacy settings (Public/Private) affect whether the content published to that Group is viewable on the frontend. Content published to a Public group is accessible by the public; content published to a Private group requires a member to be (1) logged in and (2) a member of the Group. (Here's 

Users set as Group Administrators do not have any additional privilages.

Site Administrators

Users who have Site Administrator privileges can log in to the front end of the site and the backend. They can see all modules and associated content in the CMS and access to the Admin tab. Any Rules added to their site permissions do not apply.

Content published to private groups are visible to Site Administrators in the backend, but not visible on the front end unless the admin is part of that private group.

Site Administrators can edit other Members' permissions and profile information, however Site Administrators cannot delete other Site Administrators from the system.

Site Members

Site members only have access to content that administrators have given them access to.

  1. Rules control what the members can see in the backend: For example, if the administrator grants a particular user access to the Pages Module for the "Men's Ministry" group and "Write" access (More info on configuring rules for users), that user will only see the pages module and content published to the Men's Ministry group.
  2. Group membership (in the group tab of the member edit screen) controls what the member can see on the front end: If a user is part of the "Board Member" private group, they can view content published to the "Board Member" group on the front end if they are logged in. A member of the "Staff Team" private (or public) group will not be able to see this content since they are not part of the "Board Member" group.

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