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Monk Checkout Overview

Monk Checkout is the "backend" administrative portion to the Monk Donate donations system.  With Monk Checkout you can view the information about your past transactions and future recurring transactions associated with your Monk Donate donation forms.

Login* to Monk Checkout at:
*Monk Checkout utilizes our authentication system MonkID, you will need a MonkID to login to the system.  

View Subscriptions:  This area allows you to view the subscriptions (or recurring) donations for your organization.

Clicking on a subscription will allow you to view, edit, or delete the subscription.

  • View: This option will display a history of each payment that has been made via this subscription.
  • Edit: This option will allow you to view and edit the subscription information including a finish date, payment method, and billing address.
  • Delete:  This option will delete the subscription

Subscriptions that have been suspended or deleted will not appear in this list.  A subscription can be automatically suspended if there is a problem processing the payment for that subscription.  These suspended subscriptions will need to be updated under the individual donors account to reactivate them.

View Line Item Payment History: This area allows you to view all of the successful payments made to your organization.  Each payment is “line itemed out” individually and includes the category and payment amount given.

Clicking on an individual line item payment will allow you to view the “receipt” of that payment.

  • CSV: You can export a CSV report here that will include the most detailed information about each individual payment.  This is currently our most comprehensive report.

View Orders:  This area allows you to view each individual order.  An order can have multiple donations associated with it.  This is why we have the line item payment history view as well.

Clicking on an order will allow you to view the “receipt” of that order.

View Payments:  This area allows you to view all the payment transactions (successful or failed) for your organization.  It will display the donors name, amount given, and date given.  

A successful transaction will have a green check mark.  A failed donation will have a red X and a brief explanation of the failure.

Clicking on a payment will allow you to view the “receipt” of that payment.

  • CSV:  You can export a CSV version of the report that will include the date the payment was attempted, user, amount, result of the payment, and the order id.

View Users:  This allows you to view all the donors who have accounts with your organization.  Clicking on the user will allow you to view the users information, including accounts, subscriptions, orders, and payments.

Invite an Admin: This option allows you to enter in an email address to invite someone to be an admin on your account.  Be careful who is invited as an admin, they will have full access to your Monk Checkout accounts.

Edit Account:  This will open a new page with all of your account information.   Here you can edit your Account Name, Support Email, Support Phone, Gateway Username, Gateway Password, and the Payment Methods accepted.

Customize Account:  Here you can upload your logo and adjust the colors for the header of the donations windows.  These colors will appear on the donation window that your donors will see.

View Donation Forms:  This link takes you to where you can create, edit, or delete your donation forms.

Monk Donate:

Login* to Monk Donate at:

*Monk Donate utilizes our authentication system MonkID, you will need a MonkID to login to the system.  

Clicking on your Name in the top right will display a dropdown menu including; accounts, forms, and categories.

Accounts: Displays a list of the accounts you are an administrator on for Monk Donate.

Clicking on an account will display a list of options for that account.

Update Branding: This will match your branding of your forms to the branding you setup in your Monk Checkout account.

View Categories: From here you can view, edit, and delete your various donation categories.  These categories are used within your various forms; you can select individual or multiple categories within the form itself.

View Forms:  In this section you can add, edit, or delete your various donation forms.  Each form has a unique URL that you can copy and paste into any location for donors to click on and give.  For example, the URL can be placed as a link on your site, a link on your Facebook, etc...  

When creating your forms, you can add any number of categories you created earlier, select if you would like the donation to be a fixed amount, if you want your donors to have the option to give recurring donations, if you would like your donors to have the ability to select a start and stop date, etc...

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