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Newsletter Overview

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Add a New Newsletter

  • Newsletter Name: Only used within the system.
  • Email Subject: The subject of the email.
  • Content: The body of the email.
  • Template: If a template is configured for email, it can be selected here.

Read Log

Produces a list of recipients who have opened each newsletter. Can be filtered by Campaign or the date it was opened.

Schedule a Newsletter

Note: To avoid being flagged as spam, only a limited number of emails are sent per hour.

  • Send Now: Will begin sending the newsletter immediately.
  • Scheduled Send: Will begin sending at a later date. Listed time is adjusted to the time zone of the computer being used.
  • Recipients: Send the newsletter to all members or just members of certain groups. Members who have unsubscribed will not be sent emails. If unsubscribed, a note will be added to the users record on the group's member list page.

Send a Test Newsletter

This will immediately send the newsletter to one email address.

Newsletter Statistics

Delivered: The number of emails that were successfully added to the recipient's inbox.

Opened: The number of times the email was opened by any recipient. One recipient may open the email multiple times. This is tracked with a hidden image embedded into the newsletter; when the image is loaded, one Open is logged. Users who do not allow image loading in their emails unfortunately cannot be tracked.

Clicks: The number of times any user clicks a link inside the email. All links inside your newsletter content are tracked.

Bounced: The number of emails that were rejected by the receiving mail server. Some common reasons for this include a full inbox, a misspelled email address, or a temporary issue on the recipient server.

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