Posting content to social media

Linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Ekklesia 360 allows you to quickly share your newest content as you publish it. Modules that support status updates include Articles, Blogs, Events, Sermons, and Small Groups.

Linked Accounts

To add or change your linked accounts, visit Admin > Internet Presence in Ekklesia 360. For Facebook, you can choose to link either your Facebook profile or a Facebook Page that you manage. If the site is connected to a Facebook account that you or your team no longer manage, feel free to Unlink the account and reconnect to Facebook. For Twitter, choose one Twitter account that serves as the main account for your organization.

Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are web pages on Facebook that feature their own unique news feed or "wall" that you can post status updates to. If you'd like to post to a Page, but don't see the Page in the drop-down list inside Ekklesia, contact the creator of your Facebook Page in order to be added as an Administrator for it. Ekklesia 360 can only allow you to select Pages that you administrate.


To post status updates, visit the Publish screen inside the content you wish to share. Tick the checkbox for the Facebook and/or Twitter and add your custom post message. A status update will be posted to your account(s) using this message and a link to the content. You won't need to add a link yourself; it's added for you behind the scenes.

For Twitter, post messages longer than 116 characters will be shortened to meet Twitter's character limit for tweets.

To customize the Facebook or Twitter post (title and image, etc), contact Support for help with your site's Open Graph tags.

Content URLs

Ekklesia 360 will use the default URL to the content behind the scenes as the Facebook post is sent. For example, for Blogs, this will be "". For Sermons, this will either be "" or "", depending on the location of the "All Sermons" link in the Navigation module.

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