Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Quick Setup

  1. Head to Admin > Site
  2. Next, hit the hamburger menu on the top right-hand corner of your page and select Progressive Web App
  3. Fill out the fields in the Basic and Design sections
  4. Make sure your App Icon is the proper format (we will resize the image so it is best if the image is the proper dimensions to begin with).
  5. Save


Progressive Web App functionality is available to all customers on the Advanced and Pro plans who have an SSL certificate on their site. If you would like to upgrade, please contact support.


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are a hybrid approach between a fully native app in your device App Store and a website that you visit on your device browser.

With a PWA enabled site on Ekklesia 360, website visitors who meet a certain set of criteria* will be offered the chance to "Install" your website onto their home screen of their phone, as well as their desktop if they are on a computer.

* Browsers like Edge, Firefox and Chrome determine if they think the user will want to install the app and will then let us prompt them to install. Browsers do not publish what these requirements are, but they take into account how often the visitor installs other PWAs on their device, as well as how much interaction they have had with your website.

Even if a visitor does not choose to install your PWA on their device, they will still see improvements to the speed and performance of the site. We have turned on offline content mode so that assets and content are saved on the browser to support faster page loads while navigating your website, as well as the ability to see content on the site even if the visitor loses internet connectivity. Our system will automatically pull in fresh content "behind the scenes" so that any changes you make to your site will be made available to users as they continue to navigate around your website.

For a technical overview of PWA check out this article from Google - What are Progressive Web Apps?

Developer Settings

If your site already utilizes a service worker or manifest file, our support team can merge your custom manifest and service worker files with our system generated files. Please contact support or your onboarding specialist/project manager if you need to utilize the merge functionality.

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