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Publishing content

All content created in the CMS must be published before it will display on the website. A document (Article, Page, etc.) remains in the "draft" state until it is published. There are several publishing options:

Keep as Draft

This allows the user to continue working on content that's not yet ready for publishing.

If the content has already been published but needs to be taken down for a period, Keep as Draft will remove it from the live site. If draft mode is used to remove a page, you may also need to remove a navigation record for the page so that end users aren't able to continue visiting the original URL.

Previously published content "kept as draft" will drop out of the site search results the following day. Links to the content may still exist on other search engines, however the link will bring up a blank page.


Publishing pushes the content out to the live site.

Publish as Featured

This will add an additional flag to the content which can allow it to be displayed differently on the site. Depending on the web designer's solution, featured content can appear in special places (like the home page) or appear highlighted within a list.

Future Dates

It is possible to switch the status of a document at an appointed date in the future. This can be set in the Publish screen. By clicking into the date field, one can select a date in the future for which the document will be set to the new status. Note that currently published content would be toggled into Draft mode on that date, and Draft content will Publish on that date.

The future dates feature is only available for select modules.

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