Reserved Page Names

Ekklesia 360 creates few pages automatically. This keeps users from having to place the many individual pieces of content such as all the individual events, articles, and discussion pages (etc.) into the site's navigation structure.

To help keep your top-level* navigation working well, there are the reserved page names. Generally, we advise against giving top-level pages any of the following names:

  • "article"
  • "directory"
  • "directory search"
  • "discussions"
  • "event"
  • "logout"
  • "me"
  • "search results"
  • "sermon"
  • "verify"
  • "mediafiles" (or the name of your media directory)
  • "monkcache"
  • "monkimage"

A "top-level" page is one that lives on the first tier of your navigation structure.

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