Sermon Import & Transfers


  1. Navigate to Admin > Site.
  2. Click the More Menu on the top right of the screen.
  3. Click Import choose Sermons.
  4. Choose a podcast or sermon feed file, or copy+paste its URL.
  5. Once uploaded, a list of matched fields is shown (customize as necessary).
  6. Click Import.

Before you begin

To import Sermons, Ekklesia 360 supports most popular podcast files (RSS/XML) and also CSV (spreadsheet) files.

We do our best to match the appropriate fields from your file to Ekklesia 360. To ensure the content will be imported as you'd expect, try limiting your import to only one item, and afterward, importing with no limit.

Media items (audio, video, images) are queued for upload once the import is complete. For most imports, you'll see those media items attached to your sermons about after a couple hours.

For help with importing sermons, contact our team.

Step by Step

To perform a one-time import of sermons into Ekklesia 360, navigate to Admin > Site. On the right hand side, click the More Menu and then click Import.

Import Type

Select Sermons from the module dropdown

Content File

Upload a podcast RSS/XML feed or a CSV (spreadsheet) file.

Content Map

For each content field in Ekklesia 360, a selection of fields from your file is shown. Each field is pre-selected for you where possible. For most podcast feeds, this mapping doesn't need to be customized. If providing your data via spreadsheet, for example, you may need to ensure the appropriate fields are selected.

If importing via CSV (spreadsheet), make sure your file includes a "header row" including a name for each column.


This sets the number of items that will be imported. For podcast (RSS/XML) files, this means the latest items will be imported first.

Bulk Assign

You can add any number of Categories and Groups to your sermons using the bulk assign area. Any category or group assigned in this section will be added to each imported sermon.


Once you have verified all of your selections, click Import.


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