Shipping & Handling

The CMS allows you to create "shipping methods" that provide varying shipping rates depending on various criteria. Shipping options can also be configured on a per-product basis.



Location: ECommerce > Products > Shipping

Add a new Shipping

  • Label: a backend only label that helps you identify this shipping group. Will be seen in the "Shipping Method" dropdown for SKUs and Products
  • Delivery Method: delivery methods that you specify. This is purely descriptive and meant to convey to your customer which shipping method will be used. Some examples would be "Ground" or "Extra Speedy Delivery". This can be managed under Ecommerce > Products > Shipping > Shipping Methods
  • Select Type:
    • Price Range: specify a lower and upper price range for this shipping group to apply. You can then specify on a per-country basis a flat rate of shipping or a percentage of the sale.

      You can specify shipping based on the price of the product(s). An example, if the total cost of the order is between $0-10, $1 is charged. If between $11-30, $3 is charged, etc.

      To charge $1 for an order of $0-10, enter 0 for 'From', 10 for 'To' and 1 for 'Shipping Cost'. You can also have the shipping be a percentage of the total order. To do this, under shipping cost, change the drop down from 'USD ($)' to Percent.
    • Fixed Price: products & SKUs associated with this shipping group will have a fixed shipping rate.
    • Action: If you would like for customers to do something specific for the shipment of this item, use this shipping type.  Enter the action you would like them to take. For example 'Call 555-555-5555' or 'Email'.
  • Shipping Cost: The default option is fixed amount. Select 'Percent' to specify what percentage of the total order should be the shipping cost.

Using Shipping Options

Example 1: you have two delivery methods, one for standard delivery and one for rush. Create two shipping options using 'Price Range' shipping type with one using the Standard Delivery delivery method and the other using Rush delivery method. When the customer is checking out with items within the price range the customer will be able to choose between rush and standard delivery costs.

Example 2: All CDs ship with a flat rate of $2 per item, all DVDs ship for $2.50 an item. Create two shipping options using the 'Fixed Price' shipping type, one with $2 for shipping cost and another for $2.50 as shipping cost. When editing or creating CD products, select the $2 shipping group; when editing or creating DVD products, select the $2.50 shipping group.


Shipping Methods

Location: ECommerce > Products > Shipping > Shipping Methods

Label: This is purely descriptive and is meant to convey to your customer which delivery method will be used for this entry.  Good examples include 'Ground' or 'Speedy Delivery'.

The name and description fields for shipping methods are completely up to your discretion.


Setting fixed shipping costs on a per-product basis

To set shipping on a per-product basis, edit the product or SKU and under Shipping Group, select Set Price, and enter the price you would like to charge for this product.


Setting calculated shipping costs via Fedex or UPS rates

Products can be configured to ship specifically with UPS and Fedex as well. Using provided dimensions and weight as well as the sending location, UPS and Fedex options (Ground, Expedited, etc.) are automatically calculated for the customer.

Add A New Supplier

In order to calulate the cost of UPS and Fedex shipping, an shipping origin must be specified. This is a called a "Supplier" by the CMS. Navigate to ECommerce > Products > Supplier to provide the address for a new supplier. Select the "Default" tab to select a default supplier location.

Specify Weight & Dimensions

Once a supplier is created, product weight and dimensions can be entered in on per-product basis.

Edit each product that you will be shipping with UPS or Fedex. Choose either UPS or Fedex from the 'Shipping Group' drop dow, select the supplier (where this product will be shipped from) and enter the dimensions and weight of the package.

Weight and dimensions are not required but will help make sure that shipping charges are most accurate. 

When the customer checks out they will be given a few shipping options with the price auto calculated based on the supplier and dimensions entered.


Handling Charges

Location: Admin > Account > ECommerce > Handling Charge

Additional handling charge can be added to all sales. Simply add price in the 'Handling Charge' field and all products will include the additional cost.

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