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Adding your site's logo is generally a simple task.  We recognize that logo's come in all shapes and sizes and it may take a little bit of "customization" to your site in order to get your logo to display the way you would like.  With that in mind, once you have completed the steps below, you can contact your On-boarding Specialists if you're still in the pre-launch phase or our support team if you're just updating a logo on an already launched site.

To get started with adding your logo you will first want to start with a high quality version of your logo.  Most people use a .PNG file version of their logo.  A PNG file will allow for any transparency in your logo to show up.  Using something like a JPG version or BMP version will cause any transparent sections to show up white or black.  The second aspect of high quality logo you want to consider is its size.  You want to start with a larger logo size rather then trying to stretch or re-size a smaller logo to make it larger.  

Once you have your high quality logo file and its either the right size or larger then you're ready to upload your logo to the site.

Accepted file types

  1. PNG
  2. JPG
  3. BMP

Upload your logo

  1. Go to the Media tab.
  2. Then select the "media" sub-menu item if not already selected
  3. Click "Add New Media".
  4. Select and Upload your high quality logo

Adding your logo to your site

  1. Navigate to Admin > Site.
  2. Select the Site sub-menu item
  3. Toward the bottom of the page is a place for SITE LOGO
  4. You can start to type the name of your uploaded logo and it should appear in that box.
  5. Select your logo so that the name appears in the SITE LOGO section
  6. Select the "Update Site" button.


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