Site members are not receiving email

If a recipient does not seem to be getting emails sent from Ekklesia 360, we recommend the following steps.

1. Check spam or junk mail folders

The recipient should first check if any messages are getting caught by a spam filter, set either by the email application, or perhaps by network settings.

2. Check if the Member has unsubscribed

A user can Unsubscribe from a Group, which means that they will stop receiving Newsletters sent to that Group. To check if the user had unsubscribed, go to People > Groups > [Your Group].

3. Check your site's "From" email address

Emails from Ekklesia 360 are sent "From" the email that is listed in the From Email field found under ADMIN > Site. If you are using a custom email address in this field, messages will be sent "on behalf of" the email address. Unfortunately, not all mail servers allow this. To use the system default "From" email address instead, delete the custom email address from the field and save the site settings.

4. Check application email blacklists

If the recipient mail server ever rejected any messages from us, they may have been placed on a blacklist. Use the Email Blacklist Lookup page to check the status of an email address. You'll need a password for this tool which you can request from Support.

5. Whitelist application server addresses

If an account still has problems receiving mail, refer to the IP Whitelist to specifically allow our messages to pass through your network's firewalls.

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