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Streaming Resolution and Bitrates is proud to have Live Transcoding (also known as Adaptive Bit Rate).  You send us 1 Hiqh Quality feed and we will send out the smaller rates.

  • For HD -- 1920 x 1080 – recommended bit rate would be between 3-4mb

  • For HD -- 1280 x 720 – recommended bit rate would be between 2-3mb

  • For SD -- 640 x 360 – recommended bit rate would be between 800kbs-2mb

The best practice is to use Constant Bitrate, Profile as “Main”, & audio at 128kbs

Broadcasting can be very demanding on network gear.  The best practice would be to use hard-wired internet and network switches when possible.  Network Hubs (look like switches) don’t pass traffic the correct way for streaming. Wifi can have issues when streaming.  If your connection is not as good as it could be.  We would suggest doing a line test with your internet provider.   The line test will help ensure that the signal is coming into the building.

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