Module Overview

The CMS allows for products to be purchased on a subscription basis. Subscribers are billed monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis. An optional one-time charge can be configured as well.

Subscribers can also be added to a group upon subscribing to a product, this is set on a per-product basis.

Terminating a subscription requires an admin to cancel the subscription in the CMS.

Email notifications are sent to the subscriber upon successful subscription & cancellation of their subscription.

Manage Product Subscriptions

This page shows a list of subscribers who have purchased a product and are being billed on a recurring basis (monthly, quarterly or annually) for this subscription.

To terminate a subscription, check off the subscribers in question and use the "Edit Selected Subscriptions" button to delete the selected records. NOTE: if you have elected to have users added to a group in the CMS upon purchase, they will be removed from this group when their subscription is terminated.

List View

Note: Sales history cannot be deleted.

  • Filters: Filter the subscription list for all subscriptions that have been cancelled.

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