Taking your site live

So you've crossed your I's and dotted your T's and your site is all ready for production. What are the next steps? Here we outline the most frequently asked questions.

If you require assistance with launching your site, please note that the team does not typically begin launch processes on Fridays. As the launch process may take 24-48 hours, the team is not able to verify the status of the launch after business hours over the weekend.

1. Proofread your site

Take a breather, and then proofread your site one more time!

2. Know your domain registrar

First, log into your domain registrar account (the service through which you bought your domain name If you did not personally register the domain and do not know who the registrar is, use the WHOIS database to look up the contact information for the registrant.

3. Decide where to host your DNS settings

DNS (Domain Name System) settings contain the information needed to keep your domain name functioning (website, email addresses, etc). Depending on your needs, you may choose to have your domain registrar host these settings, or, you may have us host them instead. If you are comfortable managing DNS records yourself, we recommend leaving them hosted with your registrar. This way, you'll be able to make changes to your site's DNS records (subdomains, email configurations, etc.) without contacting us first.

4. Enter the location of your new website

Using the Registrar as DNS Host

If you have chosen to use your registrar as your DNS host (this is usually the default option), you'll need your new site's IP Address which we'll provide (contact us).

You'll need to enter your new site's IP Address into your DNS Zone File. If you aren't sure how to do this, a support representative at your registrar should be able to help.

Set the DNS "A" record of the domain to the IP address of your new site.

Also, use a separate "A" record pointing "WWW" to the same IP address. Or, add a CNAME record which points "WWW" to the root record (sometimes indicated by "@"). Either way, this makes sure that both "" and "" are accessible on the web.

Using Ekklesia 360 as DNS Host

If you have chosen to use Ekklesia 360 as your DNS host, you'll need our NameServer addresses which we'll provide (contact us).

You'll need to enter the NameServer addresses into your registrar's NameServers setting for your site. If you aren't sure how to do this, a support representative at your registrar should be able to help.

5. You're done!

It will take up to 24-48 hours for the various networks across the Internet to learn of the new server settings that were made. Your website may not come up on your computer until this time has passed.

If your new website still does not come up after this time, you may need to ask your IT staff to make sure your network is using the updated DNS settings. Read more on this.

Do be sure to tell us about your site launch as well! Or, let your onboarding specialist or project manager know about your launch so that the team can make note.

Great job! Your site is live!

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