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Manage Transactions

The transactions list shows a record of all ecommerce transactions which the system has processed.

List View

  • Filters: you can filter this list by transaction success or failture.

View a Transaction

Click a transaction "name" in order to view transaction details. Click the "order reference" to jump to the sales record for that transaction.

  • Name: This is the user's name who completed the transaction.
  • Transaction Date: This is the date the transaction was completed.
  • Order Reference Number: This is a link back to the order record corresponding with this transaction.
  • Amount: This is the amount of the transaction.
  • Processor: This is the name of the payment processor your site uses.
  • Result: Either success or failure. In case of a failure, additional information may be displayed, depending on what your processor provides.
  • Transaction Notes: You can store additional information about the transaction here.

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