Transition an iTunes Podcast

Want to switch to Ekklesia 360 but keep your existing iTunes podcast without loosing subscribers? Follow these steps to make the switch. This method will allow you to keep your existing iTunes podcast but replace the list of episodes with the new list of items from Ekklesia 360.

1. Find your podcast

Find your Apple podcast here on the Podcast Finder. Note the podcast feed.

2. Find where to redirect the feed

If the URL of the podcast feed begins with your own site's domain, you're in luck! You can easily redirect the podcast feed via htaccess rules in Ekklesia 360 or by contacting Support.

If the source feed URL begins with the name of another website such as Podbean.com or Feedburner.com, you will need to contact that service instead to add a new redirect for you if possible. If you cannot contact the service hosting your original source feed, it may be necessary to remove your iTunes podcast and start a new one. For more information, see: https://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/specs.html

3. Redirect the source feed to your new Ekklesia feed

Next, redirect your source feed to your new feed URL found inside Ekklesia 360. Your new Ekklesia 360 feed URL location can be found under the Feeds module under Connect > Feeds. Here you can learn more about Feeds.

4. Check your podcast in a few days

It may take iTunes several days to update your podcast with the new feed of episodes.

For help with moving or deactivating an iTunes podcast, you may contact Apple directly.

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