Using Embed Codes

Copying + pasting embed codes

To insert a third-party embed code into a Page, Article, Blog Post, etc, follow these quick steps:

  1. Copy the code from the source page.
  2. In the CMS, click the Source Code "<>" button (near the Styles dropdown).
  3. A window showing the page's HTML will appear. Find the location where the code should be placed and paste it there. 
  4. Click "Ok" to save the HTML to the page.

Most of the time, the embed code will be what is called an iFrame and will start and end with these tags: <iframe> </iframe>

While the example in the video is showing how to inert a Google Map, the same process will work for embedding videos, calendars, and anything else that use the iFrame embed code.

Adding Scripts in the WYSIWYG

If your embed code contains scripts, please note that your script may not execute properly in Preview mode, but it should display correctly on your website.

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