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Editing Link Lists

As Link Lists are so versatile, it's likely that each Link List in your Ekklesia 360 site is used for a unique purpose. For example, a set of images may be managed with Link Lists but the Description field is not used. Or, a small navigation menu may use Description but no Image.

Link lists are used for Monklets, the footer, the header, and other places pre-determined by your theme set up guide. You cannot create your own link list and add it to a page. If you are looking to add a link in a page you can either insert a button, or add a link directly into your content area.


Edit a Link List

Most of your site's Link Lists are already created for you. Here's how to edit one:

  1. Go to Content > Link Lists > [Your Link List].
  2. Use the up  and down  arrows to reorder the list.
  3. Use the plus icon  to add a new item, or click a pencil   to edit one. 
  4. Edit this link item in the options that expand. Typically, the Name or Description sets the title of the link item and the Image selected here changes the image on the site.
  5. Click Save to save and close this link item.


Add a new Link List

Here we'll add a new Link List from scratch. 

  1. Navigate to Content > Link Lists.
  2. Click the Add a New Link List button.
  3. Provide a name and Save.
  4. The first list item is ready to edit.
  5. Add a name, link and image.

Using a Link List in a Page or Section

How you will go about using a link list will very greatly based on the Theme or Custom Design that you are using for your website. For more information about that, we recommend consulting your theme setup guide to find out how and where link lists are used or contact the support team for assistance with using a link list on a Page or in a section.

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