Member Rules

Manage Rule Templates

Site admins can create a series of rules templates, which they can then have available to apply to other users when setting up their rules. To create a rule template, click the “Manage rule templates” link to slide out the rule template manager. When you have the current set of rules set the way you desire, give the template a name and click save. This template will now be available when you are editing other users.

Editing Rules

Editing rules follows the basic pattern of MODULE / GROUP / PERMISSION:

Module: Select the module the rule should apply to. You can also select “ALL MODULES” to create a rule that applies to all modules across the system.

Group: Select the group this user can create content for. You can also select “ALL GROUPS” to create a rule that allows the user to create content for any group. (For more info on Groups click here)

Permission: Select the sort of permission this user should have. Read means that the user can see that module in the backed, and can view content, but cannot create or edit content. Write means that the user has full permission to create, edit, publish and delete content. None can be used to deny a permission implicit in another rule.

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